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Thriving in Business and Life

To thrive or not to thrive, that is our question.

As we launch into the next stage of our careers we're going to add to what has thus far been a worldwide effort.

How can you add to a worldwide effort, you might ask?

We won't be going intergalactic . . . no, instead we'll concentrate a specific amount of our attention on providing consulting to organizations on the West Coast between Seattle and San Francisco?


Because in the global scheme of things that's our own backyard and we're realizing more and more the importance of the old addage, "Bloom where you're planted."

To ground this endeavor, our guiding question is: “How can we help individuals and organizations who are truly committed to doing good in the world.”

There are many thousands of “unsung heroes,” in our region quietly providing excellent service and products for their customers and in their community. Yes, they need to make a profit to stay in business, and they are also creating social profit, enriching their communities in specific ways.

“They” might be “you” and, if so, thank you! We know from experience that a contributive attitude pays off. For one thing, it’s great when customers become friends… because they are first treated like friends by business owners, leaders, and staff.

Personally, as individuals who’ve had wonderful mentors ourselves, we know what a huge difference it makes when good guidance is available. The ripple effect from that can continue through generations.

We’ll leave you with a simple Thriving tip (we’ll include one at the end of every short blog) drawn from our new book, Thriving, in Business and Life:

You can change the quality of your life and the profitability of your organization by learning how to distinguish between “facts” and the stories you tell about them.

You can "flip the script" from surviving to thriving.

Will Wilkinson and Christopher Harding

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