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Introduction to Online Course

Created as an online learning game of self-mastery for leaders, the Thriving virtual training course provides participants the opportunity to master12 Essential Practices for Thriving in Business and Life.


Structured for single-user or combined team participation, the Thriving online course is designed to enhance individual and group excellence both personally and professionally.

By using our own unique three-stage process (Learn it! Imagine it! and Do it!), we provide participants the chance to learn the principles of a practice, engage in imaginative simulations like athletes and other high-performers, and then "Go Live!" with a weekly Game Challenge that enables them to incorporate their learning into their day-to-day life.

One of our favorite testimonials from a recent user shares precisely what we hoped people would experience with this course:

"I just completed module one of this course and wow, it is absolutely fantastic! In all my years of personal growth training, this is right up there with the highest level. And the cool thing about it is whether you’re just now getting started on your personal growth journey or are the CEO of a Fortune 100 company you’re going to get a ton out of this. It can absolutely change your life for the better. Especially now with the world transforming into something new. They structured it like a game so it’s fun. Well done Will and Christopher!" ~ Suni Rae


Included in the course are modules on:


  • Leveraging the Power of Story

  • Eradicating the Virus of Bias

  • Infusing Your Values into Everything You Do

  • Putting Vision First

  • Accurately Assessing the Current Situation

  • Experiencing Results Now

  • The Power of the Ask

  • Identifying, Accessing, and Optimizing Resources

  • Leveraging the Genius of Inclusion

  • Mastering Quantum Responsibility™

  • Implementing Dynamic Empowerment™

  • Taking Action


Modules may be purchased individually or as a group. For a free demonstration, individual, group or company pricing -- or if you would like to become a certified Thriving Coach -- click the button below (we won't call you unless you ask us to).

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