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Thriving -- in Business and Life provides readers with valuable techniques, tools, and resource information to assist them in dramatically improving their culture and their performance. Seasoned with personal stories and memorable anecdotes, Thriving is an entertaining and highly informative read.

About the authors:

Christopher Harding shares the techniques and strategies he's applied for nearly two decades with Fortune 500 companies around the globe to create winning cultures and sustainable results.

Will Wilkinson reveals his innovative process for managing change, based on forty years of designing and delivering educational programs for individuals and organizations in many countries.

Praise for Thriving

"Thriving is a book that will profoundly change your life and your business… if you’ll let it!


The authors take you through the most exciting discoveries of the 20th and 21st century regarding the human brain, and they share transformative techniques to power through the limiting beliefs we may have about our business and ourselves. They even throw in a few proprietary “life hacks” honed over their many years of transformational work, to get you to where you’ve always dreamed of going. What a gift to small & medium-sized businesses that can’t afford transformation consultants at a time when they need them the most. A revelatory must-read to empower yourself and your people to not just survive but thrive!"


~ Pauline Ploquin, President, Partner, Struck Inc.

"One of the best business books I've read in the last decade."


~ Dennis Webb, Co-Founder of Franklin Covey, and Co-Creator of the Franklin Day Planner


"Will and Chris have written a very inspirational guideline for achieving personal and professional success. 


 Most importantly, they have lived what they are writing about. A must-read for anyone interested in creating a personal formula for success."


~ William A. Guillory, Ph.D. Author, Spirituality in the Workplace


"Thriving is the type of paradigm-shifting book that only comes along once in a great while. 


It’s a powerful distillation of the authors’ personal and professional experiences, offered to us as practical and inspirational fuel for the evolution of our businesses and personal lives."


~ Ben Hummell, MA, LMFT, LPC Author, Summoning Genius: A Midlife Guide to Discovering Identity, Purpose, and Meaning



"Thriving offers a path for truly loving life. With powerful tools that help you navigate your personal or professional journey with grace, it’s the perfect message at the exact right time."

~ Danielle Lin, C.N. Host and Creator of The Danielle Lin Show


"Their message is clear, easily grasped and designed for the vivid personal examples and lively writing makes this an engaging and at times moving book to read. Whether you are encountering these ideas for the first time or meeting them againimmediate application."


~ Joseph D. Friedman Consultant, Coach and Transformational Educator

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