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About Us

Luminary Communications is one of the key players in a consortium of internationally recognized consultants who function behind the scenes as confidential business advisors, or in more visible roles providing executives and teams strategic and tactical planning, coaching, and training regarding human dynamics or the people component within an organization.

More About Our Company

Studies indicate that 85% of the productivity losses and breakdowns in organizations are due to interpersonal conflict, communication barriers, and workstyle differences between people, departments, and management levels. That's why some of our key areas of focus include:

  • Creating Collaborative, High-Performance Cultures

  • Infusing Dynamic Problem-Solving Skills

  • Maximizing Human Potential

  • Business Planning, Strategy, and Financial Guidance

With a client list straight from the Fortune 100
, Luminary Communications is sought out by leaders, individuals, and organizations from around the world who are satisfied with nothing less than excellence!

An initial series of interviews with key leaders and managers, as well as essential diagnostics and follow-up focus groups, are utilized to determine the desired outcomes, needs, visible and hidden short and long-term challenges, as well as the opportunities facing an organization.



Actual training, facilitation, and coaching of leadership, management, and the workforce in the agreed-upon areas in order to provide the entire organization with the common tools, skill sets, and accountability processes and measures necessary to install new behaviors and effectively implement the cultural shift agreed upon by leadership.


By utilizing the results-driven tools and skills we've acquired and developed including The SolutionFormula™, our powerful new approach, we assist organizations in fully infusing these competencies into their organizations so that teams and individuals thrive and handle challenges confidently while keeping their eye firmly planted on the results.


Because we provide a specifically customized focus on each client's unique scenario, we craft the precise approach that will enable each one to stimulate innovative and creative solutions while generating, elevating, and maintaining winning business cultures, powerful leaders, and sustainable high-performance outcomes that operate in league with expertly designed operational business plans and people strategies.


How We Work

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