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I always enjoy working with Christopher Harding in my role at the agency and have found that his ability to help me reframe storylines and explore new ways to present my ideas has been extremely helpful. Chris is very easy to relate to and is able to quickly grasp the complexities of different scenarios.


Pauline Ploquin


Struck – A  Modern Agency for Evolutionary Brands


There are a lot of people talking about inclusion and diversity and its impact on business performance. Chris is distinguished among them because he can simplify scientific research and draw logical and relevant comparisons to highlight why inclusion and diversity is more than quota filling. His command of business management practices AND the I&D content converge to make his workshops energetic, relevant, and engaging. With so many complex business challenges related to organizational volatility, complexity, uncertainty, and ambiguity, Chris provides great business value through inclusion and diversity as a business solution and management system.


Anthony Cobb
Global Organization Effectiveness Director at Whirlpool Corporation




Christopher Harding has worked closely with Innovations International for more than twelve years assisting us in successfully developing storylines and tailored approaches for our sales pitches to numerous clients -- many of whom are Fortune 100 companies. His understanding of the pitch process and how to effectively craft and deliver written and oral sales presentations has always proven to be very beneficial to us. I'd highly recommend him to anyone looking to tap into his experience and ability.


William A. Guillory, Ph.D.


Innovations International



Christopher has enabled our company to develop highly impactful leadership training on diversity and inclusion on a global scale. His deep knowledge of diversity, along with his international business experience, combine to make him highly credible with our leaders/executives, both in US and in global settings in Europe and Asia. His work has helped us to build momentum, create diversity champions around the world, and enhance inclusion.


Darlene Mackinnon
Director of Diversity and Inclusion, Dow Chemical Company



My organization had the opportunity to partner with Christopher Harding of Luminary Communications on a six-month project in 2014. The nature of our work was facilitating leadership meetings and conducting interviews with various executives and staff members regarding the future strategy and culture of a growing organization. Following the extensive interview schedule we maintained, Chris was charged with facilitating the meetings, as well as creating and submitting an extensive report based on the notes from the various interviews and meetings he facilitated.


Throughout our work together, I found that Chris listened keenly to those being interviewed and asked excellent questions that let them know he was genuinely interested in their input and point of view. During the meetings he facilitated, which at times had very strong personalities who were at odds with each other, his calm nature and composure helped transform those moments of conflict into productive, results-oriented discussions.


The document that Chris created at the conclusion of the project was excellent and provided a succinct, accurate accounting of the interviews and meetings. His work in all regards on this project was professional and congenial.


I highly recommend Chris for any projects where his facilitation, consulting, writing, and coaching skills can be utilized.


Qualitative Research Moderator, Corporate Facilitator
Julianna Christie and Coach, Gray Matter Consulting LLC



Chris is multi-talented and always willing to offer his assistance to meet the client's needs. He is very detail-oriented and has a “hands-on” approach to the projects he works on. I have had the pleasure of working with Chris for several years on one of our top client that had projects for various business units. Chris is always well prepared, professional, articulate and manages to make the client feel at ease – which was an important aspect since the client project can be complex (with the design, development & customization). He never wavered and manages to facilitate his D&I workshops with success. I can honestly say that working with Chris is truly a pleasure and I recommend him for any client projects – he is such a great asset to any organization.


Narida N. Sohan 

Solutions Expert, Project Manager - IBM Watson Talent and Kenexa



I utilized Christopher Harding as a career and leadership coach and found him to be very helpful in thinking through various presentations I had to make while providing me with helpful feedback and additional viewpoints to consider. He also assisted me in dealing with challenging situations when they arose and I'd highly recommend him to anyone looking for such guidance in their own company. Thank you for all Chris.


Camila Da Rosa Lopes

Global Director of Emerging Technologies at The Coca-Cola Company



Chris Harding brings a wealth of organizational development and team-building offerings, but more importantly, he brings a mindful presence that creates safety and openness in groups and supports genuine reflection and learning. Chris moves easily with top executives across a variety of industries. He is also a natural collaborator, able to synthesize and innovate in the moment, whether during design work or during live workshops. Chris is a real pleasure to work with!”


Cindy Marteney
Founder & Principal, The Marteney Group



At Whirlpool Corporation, we have had the opportunity to work with Christopher Harding in a variety of settings. Chris has facilitated numerous senior leadership, manager, and staff seminars and retreats; has assisted us in creating strategies and presentations for the rollout of cultural initiatives and training, and has assisted us in developing and creating online learning curriculum.


We have always found Chris to dedicate himself fully to any project we have had him take on and to listen well to anyone with whom he interfaces in custom crafting solutions for their constituents. Chris consistently provides his expertise, while embedding principles into existing Whirlpool tools and methodologies.


Chris is an experienced facilitator who tackles challenging issues and discussions in a way that engages all. I am happy to recommend Chris as someone who has consistently performed well every time we have utilized his services.


Jenna Lotz, Human Resources

Senior Manager - Global Diversity and Inclusion, Whirlpool Corporation



As the Chair of the Department of Dermatology at Oregon Health Sciences University, I have had numerous opportunities to utilize the strategic consulting and facilitation services of Christopher Harding. My experience in working with Chris has been entirely positive.


I have found Chris to be very helpful in interviewing our staff and faculty in order to assist us in understanding and synthesizing the variety of viewpoints and scenarios presented. Chris has also worked with us on a variety of occasions as a facilitator in meetings and in the creation of our Department Strategic Business Plan as well as in presenting our ideas to other stakeholders.


In addition, Chris has provided professional coaching services to me, my faculty, and my staff to enable us to find solutions to challenging issues and create new opportunities. I highly recommend Chris to anyone interested in such services. His perspectives are balanced, constructive, realistic, and always include a focus on workable solutions. I am happy to speak with you further if you have any more specific questions about Chris and/or the type or quality of service we have received.


Sancy Leachman, M.D., Ph.D.

Chair, Department of Dermatology
Director, Melanoma Program, Knight Cancer Institute Oregon Health & Science University


During the last three years, we’ve had the pleasure of working with Christopher Harding as he helped us assess specific situations and craft unique storylines for presentations to both our stakeholders and the press. We've always found Chris to have a very collaborative approach and a great ability to understand the heart of what we are attempting to communicate, whether it be to a local, national or global audience. Christopher goes the extra mile every time.


David Wick

Executive Director

Culture of Peace Commissions



I've engaged Christopher Harding as a coach numerous times over the past ten years. I have found him to be tremendously helpful in a variety of situations and especially as it relates to the pitches and presentations I've made to my constituents and donors. Chris' insights into human relations and strategic planning have caused me to stretch and grow as a leader and communicate the story of our organization more clearly.  His wisdom and understanding of people and communication strategies are an invaluable gift that I am honored to receive. 


Dave Elshaug

Executive Director

Loving Utah


I have worked with Chris for over ten years on consulting projects with Fortune 500 companies, as well as multimedia and film projects where we have found new ways to deliver content over the internet and have had nothing but wonderful experiences. He is creative, precise, conscientious, and very attuned to client needs. I look forward to working with him long into the future.”


Danny Guillory

Head of Global Diversity & Inclusion at Autodesk



I have had the pleasure of working with Chris both as a strategic partner (currently) and as a client when I was Director of Work Environment at Merck. In all cases, Chris has proven to be attuned and sympathetic to client needs in providing thought-provoking suggestions for improving work environment relations. A ten minute conversation with Chris and you will understand what I mean. More importantly, your business results can benefit. I look forward to our continued work.”


Darrell Butler
CEO, Butler Consulting



Chris is unique in his talents because he never stops creating, imagining, and thinking of how to make something great even better. He not only shows the drive and desire to stay on top of current trends and ideas, but he is a step ahead of everyone else because he's already thought of it! Chris is a pleasure to work with, very professional, yet casual and friendly enough that when working with him for the first time, you feel as if you've been working with him for years. He knows how to push any objective straight to success and doesn't hold back on what it would take to get there.


Kat Difrancesco
Director of Internet Marketing, Innovations International



Christopher Harding is a strong leader who motivates and manages his staff to work in a collaborative, effective and innovative manner. Christopher has a smart business head, listens to those around him and wisely processes information to make wise decisions that lead to success on many levels. Christopher has proven creative and business instincts which have led to award-winning and financially sound results. I've grown as a person and as an executive while working under Chris and attribute much of my present-day success to what I experienced during my time working with Chris.


Ilyssa Goodman,

VP, Development, Production & Acquisitions, Bonneville International

Chris is one of the most creative people I've worked with. His vast experience helps him provide solutions to every problem or situation I face. Fortune 100 companies call on him for advice yet he finds time to work with small companies like mine.”


Philip Davis
President and CEO, ZDocs



I've known Christopher Harding since his days as President of BWE Music. I hired Chris earlier this year as a life coach and the results have been amazing. Chris' insights, creativity, and entertainment experience are unparalleled. If you're looking for someone to help your organization or yourself get on track or back on track, choose Christopher Harding and Luminary Communications. Sincerely, Ken Bonfield


Ken Bonfield
Award-Winning Recording Artist



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