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Customzing Our Services to Fit Your Needs

In addition to serving as consultants, coaches, and facilitators, we also conduct unofficial explorations, provide pre-research into possible clients, competition, and conflicts. We also find that leaders and executives often need a private thought partner. This is why we also serve as confidential Business Advisors—someone who has the leader's personal best interest at heart. We also specialize in helping leaders and executives prepare for and effectively handle difficult meetings and situations.  Because our role enables us to have a leader's interest at heart, we are able to maintain an

informed, objective perspective. This service is one that is highly valued by our clients.


Our sole aim is to maximize the true potential of your organization's people so that you truly thrive in today's rapidly changing, competitive world.


The following describes some of the roles we can play to assist you:

Business Advisors

  • Professional Advice

  • Confidential Thought Partners

  • Exploratory Meetings

  • Behind-the-Scenes Research

Consulting & Coaching

Facilitation & Training

  • Governance Strategy

  • Internal Cultural Change

  • Conflict Resolution

  • Empowerment Processes

  • Internal Focus Groups

  • Surveys and Metrics

  • Creating Group Cohesion

  • Training and Workshops

Workshop List

  • Creating a Thriving Culture

  • Powerfully Effective Communication

  • Operational Governance Training

  • How Diversity Increases Group Intelligence

  • Leveraging the Power of Story

  • Eradicating the Virus of Bias

  • Infusing Your Values into Everything You Do

  • Putting Vision First

  • Accurately Assessing the Current Situation

  • Experiencing Results Now

  • The Power of the Ask

  • Identifying, Accessing, and Optimizing Resources

  • Leveraging the Genius of Inclusion

  • Mastering Quantum Responsibility™

  • Implementing Dynamic Empowerment™

  • Taking Action

  • Managing Change in Turbulent Times

  • Managing Unconscious Bias

  • Managing the Work-Life Equation

  • The Power of Responsible Communication


For more information, pricing, and scheduling, please contact us.

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