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Our Partners

As a strong believer in the power of collaboration, Luminary Communications has formed strategic alliances with what we refer to as our "Genius Bank". This powerful mix includes Innovations Internationaland Gray Matter Consulting, among others. "We have a wonderfully synergistic ability to bring the very best to our clients," Luminary founder, Christopher Harding has explained. "The diversity of our backgrounds and experience provides significant benefits to those we serve. Bottom line: genius loves company!"

A Few of Our Strategic Partners (a.k.a. "The Genius Bank")

Julianna Christie

Christopher Harding, William Guillory, Julianna Christie, Will Wilkinson, Gilda Montenegro-Fix, Lila Davis Harding
Ralph Harding - headshot.jpg

Ralph Harding

Our Skills


Business Advisors


By drawing upon years of collective experience in a variety of industries and leadership roles, we provide behind-the-scenes services as business advisors to leaders and executives. By examining and carefully exploring options, we assist our clients to make powerful effective decisions that help them take into account the ramifications of their choices and actions.



Consulting and Coaching


By employing a variety of approaches to our coaching, we are able to assist organizations to adopt more powerful people strategies that enable them to meet and exceed goals. In addition, we also provide leaders, managers, and employees guidance and accountability in adapting to their rapidly changing environments.



Facilitation and Training


Utilizing ongoing qualitative and quantitative measures as well as facilitated focus groups and discussions, we ensure that training and follow-up peer coaching effectively infuse the desired skills and shifts in mindset required to accomplish the larger more strategic goals an organization envisions.

Some of Our Milestones

1998 →


2000 →

2008 →

2011 →



2013 →



2017 →



2019 →


2024 →

Luminary Communications is founded and begins working with companies to create cultures where employees thrive and therefore have a natural desire to deliver their best.


Luminary Communications forms a collaborative partnership with Innovations International to assist organizations with the process of effectively implementing Inclusion and Empowerment. This is to be the first of many such collaborative relationships.


Luminary forms a key collaborative partnership with The Marteney Group to assist healthcare organizations in measuring employee satisfaction and assisting leaders, managers, and supervisors in more effective communication and solutions-driven processes


Luminary Communications creates Holy Horse Encounters to enable us to add equine-assisted coaching and leadership training to our regimen.


Luminary Communications opens its Ashland, Oregon office to better serve clients in the Bay Area, Northern California, Portland, and Seattle.


Luminary Communications launches its new book and leadership development course Thriving in Business and Life.

Luminary Communications together with its partners forms the Thriving Leadership Academy.

Luminary Communications creates Vitality Wave Solutions to provide wellness coaching and services to clients to expand Thriving to include mind and body.

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