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Our Founder

Christopher Harding is passionate about high-performance cultures. That's why he founded Luminary Communications, a corporate consulting, training, and coaching firm that specializes in peak performance and cultural transformation. As the Founder/Chairman of Luminary, Chris is constantly studying and immersing himself in the process of mastering the latest and most effective technologies for generating lasting breakthroughs that enable groups and individuals to consistently succeed in achieving their goals and mission. 


As a strong believer in the power of collaboration, Chris also formed strategic alliances with well-known consulting firms, Innovations International, IBM/Kenexa, Gray Matter Consulting, and with The Marteney Group. "We have a wonderfully synergistic ability to bring the very best to our clients", Chris explained. "The diversity of our backgrounds and experience provides significant benefits to those we serve." In his role, he also leads Luminary's side of the partnerships in presenting and jointly designing courses, consulting, training, and coaching clients.


Having been involved in the process of hand-picking and personally training an excellent group of highly qualified consultants, Chris and his associates often train and consult Fortune 500 companies (like Anheuser Busch, Amgen, Inc. Dow Chemical, Genentech, Intel, Merck & Co., Microsoft, Northrop Grumman, Toyota) and other high performance organizations.


Praised as an "entertaining, informative, and refreshingly original speaker," Chris is known for his humorous, but relevant tales about his own successes and failures. His passionate and honest approach allows him to make challenging topics accessible and inviting to his audience.


Having previously served as the President and General Manager of a Los Angeles-based worldwide television, home video and record sales and distribution company, Chris worked with companies from around the globe, while hiring and managing a diverse workforce. Together he and his organization won much praise and numerous awards for their work including an Oscar and an Emmy.


Earlier in his career, he also founded and ran a syndicated, national all-purpose shipping and transportation sales network that pioneered the way for numerous companies that followed.


To hear what clients say about working with our founder, visit his Recommendations Page.

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