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A Learning Game of Self-Mastery for Leaders

This course is intended solely for the use of previous participants in the SOU Extension Course on this topic. (For additional licenses at special group rates, please contact us)
From Thriving - Module Eleven
Implementing True Empowerment

In Module Eleven, you'll learn to utilize the 3 Cs of Empowerment™ as you learn how to implement the Empowerment process in a new, more clear and effective manner. This practice will enable you to ensure that you are choosing the right person for the right role and that you're providing them the support they need to succeed.


Drawing upon the tools our top mentors have shared, combined with our own experience, the skills you'll pick up by way of this practice will serve you in both your personal and professional life.


Like all the modules in this Learning Game of Self-Mastery, you'll be presented with a Game Challenge that you'll engage in during the week to assist you in infusing the module's practice into your mindset and behaviors.


Make sure to watch the videos for this module in order. Each video is expandable to full screen (just hit escape to return to normal size). The first video covers Phase One -- Learn It! and provides you with the knowledge you'll need to get started.


The second video covers Phase Two -- Imagine It!  and  Phase Three -- Do It! This video will provide you with a simulation to help you begin implementing the principles right away and a troubleshooting guide to help deal with possible challenges upfront before you engage in the practice.


Below, you'll also find PDF downloads of the Worksheet for this Module as well as the corresponding Chapter from the E-Book The 12 Essential Practices for Thriving in Business and Life.


Also included below, are two Streamable Audio Files -- one for the start of your day to help you prepare for mastering this module's practice; and one for the end of the day to help you review your day.

Module 11: Starat of Day Audio - Thriving
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Module 11 End of Day Audio - Thriving
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Click on the Play Arrow to start the audio of your choice.

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