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Our Radio Program, Thriving in Business and Life features colleagues, Will Wilkinson and Christopher Harding, as they share insights and valuable techniques from their new book. (Program begins immediately after a short ad from one of our sponsors.)


Our ongoing written blog, below, provides a forum for our latest thoughts and for your comments and ideas. Please join us in creating an ongoing conversation about the approaches you've experienced that help create a thriving culture at work, in your community, or at home.

We know how dangerous a virus can be. They infect our bodies, our computers, and our communication. Worst of all, viruses are invisible and often nearly impossible to detect before they wreak havoc.

That’s the bad news. The good news? You can develop B-ray vision (the s...

If you knew that a virus had infected your computer, how quickly would you act to neutralize it?

Well, there is ample evidence to suggest that bias cycles, or what we call the Virus of Bias™, work in our minds just like viruses do in computers, damaging our organization...

We’ve been discussing the “virus of bias” in recent blogs, exploring how it can lead individuals and groups to become “brain blind” to certain people’s talents and abilities. This same phenomenon can lead us to give preferential access and opportunities to those with w...

What do you see in this image?

Some people see a tired old woman. Others see a stylish, slightly coy young woman. Why?

It's an optical illusion that is playing upon your brain's recticular activating system (RAS) so that you see what you first expect to see.

Okay, that's...

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July 29, 2019

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