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Creating a Thriving Culture

Our Radio Program, Thriving in Business and Life features colleagues, Will Wilkinson and Christopher Harding, as they share insights and valuable techniques from their new book. (Program begins immediately after a short ad from one of our sponsors.)


Our ongoing written blog, below, provides a forum for our latest thoughts and for your comments and ideas. Please join us in creating an ongoing conversation about the approaches you've experienced that help create a thriving culture at work, in your community, or at home.

Have you ever played the blame game? You know how it works . . . when something goes wrong, we all begin ducking for cover and point the finger at someone else.

Why does this happen?

For many people, responsibility and blame go together. The joke is that we’re happy to a...

When things go wrong, whose fault it? Who’s to blame? And how do you decide?

In our role as executive coaches and consultants, we are often called in to help sift through the wreckage of a failed project or other challenging situation that is careening off course.

Time a...

Everywhere we turn these days, we hear people decrying the evils of “fake news.” But what about the fake news we create for ourselves; the subtle denial processes we go through to avoid looking at uncomfortable truths?

In our consulting and coaching practice, we often d...

We wrote about empowerment last post and hopefully cleared up some of the confusion about what empowerment is and isn’t. This week, we’d like to continue exploring empowerment by presenting 9 principles well worth remembering.

1. While empowerment is a personal decision...

In our experience, the word “empowerment” is widely misunderstood in both corporate, political, and public life. To get a better understanding of this well-intended term, let’s first talk about what empowerment is not.

For example, someone in a news conference or corpor...

In coaching and consulting in a variety of companies around the world, we find that there is often confusion about the terms responsibility and accountability.

When we’re looking to help a team or department work through a challenge we’ll hear things like, “We...

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