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Our Radio Program, Thriving in Business and Life features colleagues, Will Wilkinson and Christopher Harding, as they share insights and valuable techniques from their new book. (Program begins immediately after a short ad from one of our sponsors.)


Our ongoing written blog, below, provides a forum for our latest thoughts and for your comments and ideas. Please join us in creating an ongoing conversation about the approaches you've experienced that help create a thriving culture at work, in your community, or at home.

How is an effective leader like a skilled movie director?

Often, we think of the director as the one who yells, “Action!” . . . that word on a movie set (when everything is ready to go) that launches the actors and crew into creating and capturing the scene.

But it...

“I simply can’t trust them,” he said with genuine disappointment in his voice.

When delving into the situation more, what this supply chain manager revealed was that the regular supplier of a vital part for his company’s most important product was unreliable. Sometimes...

Do some people tend to let you down?

If you’re like most of us, the answer is, “Yes!” So, how do you know if someone is truly committed? How can you tell if they will actually do what they said they will do?

Whether it be in our relationships with friends, family, or tho...

“You do realize that the popular concept of empowerment is a myth, right?”

That’s not what a person usually says to their manager, but the frustrated shift supervisor said it anyway. And her manager was stumped. How should he respond? And what exactly did she mean?

So ho...

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July 29, 2019

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